We are making more Stods select teams

and adding to our existing teams

baseball and softball

League age as of May 1st, 2023

Hello Ballplayers,

Stods Select - year long training

we are adding multiple teams this coming year to our select program

join us at the Ballpark as we put together

more championship teams for our 2023 season! 

now allowing parent coaches

Please let us know at tryouts if you are interested in coaching

head coaches and assistants wanted and needed at all levels.

Full teams welcome to join Stods Baseball and get all the benefits

(unlimited usage of Stods, great coaching, and more for each team)

2023 is going to be a great year for baseball

Lets play ball again

Bob Stoddard

Stods Baseball


email Rusty Jackman (Stods select coordinator)


Practice will start in August/Sept

These are very instructional and

practice a lot teams. We practice

2+ times per week all year long.

We work hard to get the players ready 

for the season each year.

all this below is included... with no extra cost.

1. unlimited usage of the facility

    on your own time

2. lots of coaching to learn this great game

3. now allowing parent coaches

4. and lots more

2023 teams below

Age as of May 1st, 2023


8U New team(s)

9U New team(s)

10U Bandits

10U New team

11U Stingers

11U Cobras

11U New team

12U Miller team

13U Vikings

13U Loving team

18U Vipers

Softball - website

12U Storm softball

12U Sparks softball

14U Sparks softball

good people - good training - great facility

email Rusty Jackman for more info


Stods Baseball

5629 - 119th Ave SE

Bellevue, WA  98006